Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheeky Flight?

I have spent the past week in Hermanus, South Africa.  It is best known for their whales. Every Year from June to September the whales come up from Antarctica to South Africa to mate! Since I was not there during those months I didn’t see any whales, but the scenery was stunning. The retreat center where we stayed was in a valley of about four or five mountain ranges.  I really felt like I was in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall. The Trees where changing colors. Yes, we are going into the fall down here. The colors on the trees aren’t any where as beautiful as they are back at home, but they are changing.

The Whole Africa team was there: Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa. We spent the mornings in meetings; learning what each other’s ministries were as well as worshiping our savior together. In the Afternoon’s we each got a chance to go on adventures. I went horse Back riding.

I was asked if I ever rode a horse. I told them I had, because I rode with Martha Krabbendam several times in high school and some with the Williamsons as a child. I didn’t know saying this they would presume I was the best rider in the group. The man leading the rides, Peter (that was his English name he had a Xhoasa name but I couldn’t tell you what it was), matched up everyone with a horse. While he was doing this there was one horse who I knew was going to be trouble, because he was trying to untie his lead from the fence. One by one people mounted their horses. This Horse was still not mounted and I was still waiting on being put on a horse. Peter took the bucket up to the horse and said here you go! Dang it! I have been given the crazy horse, or as they say here, Cheeky! I held on to his reins and he started throwing his head back. He didn’t like that. And he started to go. Peter Yelled “Put your brakes on” I put the brakes on and he Stopped but still didn’t like me holding the reins as tightly as I was holding, which I wasnt holding them very tight. I had to barely hold on to them for him to be happy. I asked Peter what the horses name was, He said “Flight” I thought to myself great the others have horses named, Rembrandt and Jessie and Patches, I have FLIGHT! What does this mean for the next hour!

We headed to the beach. I think the first time in my life I can say I didn’t enjoy the beach. As soon as we hit sand, Flight started to trot, and then the trot turned into a gallop. I don’t think I have galloped on a horse before. I was freaked out. I kept yelling Whoa, and Stop while pulling on the reins, but flight didn’t listen, My brakes must have gone out. My foot came out the stirrup. I was sure I was about to eat sand. I said a quick prayer, Got myself balanced, my foot back in place and then Peter whistled and just like that Flight stopped.  My heart was racing. Peter decided that we needed to leave the beach so he took us on some trails in the Mountains.

The trail ride was much better except that Flight didn’t like to be behind anyone. He kept biting Emily Wegners horses butt. Well Jessie didn’t like that to much so she reared back and kicked her! I can’t say I blame her I would have don’t the same thing. She calmed down for a while until Patty Wos and Patches were in front of me, She started doing the same thing. Thankfully Patches didn’t kick her as well. I don’t know what her deal was, but she was Cheeky!
This is Flight! She was Beautiful! But Not Nice

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Care Packages

These are things I miss from back home and they are sold here, or that I am told I should ask people to send because it is stuff they just dont sell.! Which some of them might be good that I dont have them here so I wont gain weight, but I still would love to have them:)

  1. Twizzlers
  2. Hershey's Chocolate 
  3. Skippy Peanut Butter
  4. Dove Dark Chocolate
  5. Taco Seasoning
  6. Ranch Dressing
  7. Blow Pops.
I might have to add to this list later but this is all I can think of

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sushi Roll?

I have you ever made sushi? I had my first experience.
Last Night a bunch of the BI students came over for Sushi! One of the students was a chef and put together everything to make it!  They set up all the ingredients and tools on the Dining room table and everyone gathered around and rolled their sushi! It was delicious. It was a fun night, I got to meet about 30 BI students whom most of them live on campus so they will be my neighbors very soon.  The boys were hilarious, I felt like I was 14 again sitting in the TV room with David and all his friends. That is exactly how they acted, laughing, making fun of each other, but also having serious conversation in the midst. SO it will be nice to have some people around who remind me of my family.
I am settling in well. I am just sitting back and learning all the quirks and expressions of the south Africans.
I am excited because I will be spending the Night with the Mcginty’s on Monday night so that I can go to bible study with Audrey Griggs that next Morning. Coby and Pamela Mcginty lead the Student Y (which is a lot like RUF) at UCT, where Audrey is studying this year. It will be nice to have a familiar face around.
I worked all afternoon on my lesson for Thursday at the Masi School. I will be teaching Daniel 1 to 3 6th grade classes. I am a little nervous about this mostly because that is a little older for my comfort zone, but Going out of the comfort zone is what helps  you grow! It is my really first task since I have been here. It will be interesting to see how these kids will react to me! I little white American girl standing in front of a classroom of 50 primarily Xhoasa students. (Xhoasa is one of the largest tribes in South Africa). The Lord will take control of my words and say what needs to be said!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baboon Crossing

Today was a good day.
After not sleeping for at least 36 hours I slept for 10 hours. The Wannemachers ( Who I am staying with for the first few weeks) graciously let me go to bed early last night while they entertained company. I slept like a rock.
This Morning Bill Carr and I went to downtown Fish Hoek. (Fish Hoek is where I will primarily be working and Living. It is about 45 minutes to an hour from downtown Cape Town.) We went to a car dealer ship where I put a down payment on a 93 Nissan Sentra that was in immaculate condition, according to guys who looked at it for me. And the best part is it’s a automatic, so I don’t have to learn to drive a stick shift. PTL. That was something that was a little nerve racking for me. I should be able to get the car on Wednesday. After wards I went to The Cape with Susan Newkirk and her Dad who was visiting with the Missions Directory at Susan’s home church in St. Louis, Twin Oaks Pres.
The Cape was absolute stunning. All day I have been imaging God creating the world, I think he had a really fun time with CT (Cape Town). Everywhere you look you see either mountain or Oceans and usually both at the same time. I was told before I came that this was the most beautiful place in the World. I have heartily believed it, but now I know it is true.
the Cape Of Good Hope!

I giggle every time I think of Baboons I think of Kenya, because my friend Jen Miller and I got chased by some one day in a National Park. But here in CT they have signs for Baboon Crossings (mostly Warnings, because they are Trouble) It is very similar to Deer Crossing signs. Baboons can do a lot of damage to a car.
I am excited about the work they have me planned for me one is to teach 6th graders bible in a township school. It is a little intimidating to do that, but I know these tasks are the ones the help you grow!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

48 Hours

Well in less than 48 hours I will be on an airplane headed to the other side of the world.
The past couple of weeks have been a whirl wind. Last Saturday My friends threw me a going away Bash. It was a lot of fun, and very touching to see how many people showed up. And then on Sunday I was commissioned by the church. It was wonderful to have my parents and two of my sibling’s families there.  We all took communion alongside my taco gang, my small group, my bible study ladies, and my Kenya team! I thought I would be in tears like I was at my friends commissioning last June, but I kept myself together until my daddy prayed. But then it was just a few tears.
After dealing for almost a month with the South African Consulate I finally received my visa. It is amazing the lies Satan can whisper in your ear when you are trying to be patient. But Everyone’s prayers where wonderful and calming and I had to keep reminding myself that God had this under control.  I was thankful and relieved when the visa arrived on Wednesday.
I am now trying to pack. Thanks to my sister Heather, I have the majority done, but I am still lacking priority items and they are at their maximum weight. I believe I am going to have to pay big bucks for one extra suite case. But I am going for a year!
I will not say that I am not nervous or sad, but I think my excitement is truly outweighing those emotions. I will miss my family and friends. But I know God has a plan for me, if he didn’t then all the details would not have come about as well as they have if this was not His plan.