Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three months and Pregnant

I needed another migraine prescription because mine was out. I thought I should go see on OBGYN kill two birds with one stone since Gary and I hope we would get pregnant soon. I was a few days late when it came time for my appointment. Dr Deale, who delivered my two nephews, was great. When I told him I was late he jokingly said "Congrats!" He offered to do an ultrasound but when he did he said, well there is a dot, but that could be anything. Take a test on Monday and call me. (He was very kind and did not charge us for the ultrasound). That following Monday, Gary and I needed to go grocery shopping. I ran into clicks (like CVS) and bought two pregnancy test. After shopping I asked Gary if he wanted me to take one of the tests now? He went into the Musica  at the mall while I stopped into the restroom. The test came out positive! We were super excited, but Gary said when we get home take the other test. I took it and there was no question about it It said pregnant. I was so excited. It was 11 am and I could not wait until 2 to be able to call my parents. I knew Gretchen would be up so I called her. When it came time for me to call mom and dad, mom answered I asked her  if dad was awake, she said no, so I told her to wake him up and get on Skype. She knew something was up:)

So Gary and I have been married three months and One month before our First Anniversary we will, Lord willing, have our first child. God is so great and I know that he has blessed us and I hope and pray that our baby is healthy. She/He has not made momma to sick yet. I have my moments but nothing like I have seen other pregnant women deal with!

Thank you Lord for this new Life.