Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One of those days

Do you ever feel like any moment the damns are about to break and anything can set off? Well that has been me all day.

My hormones are a little bit crazy at moment, but I just feel like I am going to loose it, and I did...changing a diaper.

 my baby girl... She got her 9 month shots yesterday. The first one she hardly cried, but the second one, she ripped mine, Gary's  as well as the nurse hearts out, with her tears and can't catch your breath crying. It was awful. So she was a little fussy yesterday... She is teething and now she got her Measles and Whooping Cough shots so she is just a mess. I wound up having a migraine yesterday afternoon (thanks hormones and weather), so needless to say I barely had any energy today. and my clingy little girl who only wanted Mommy just wore me out. It is so nice to be loved and wanted...I miss when she was 6 weeks old and I could just snuggle her all day, But it can be overwhelming at times too. I love her playful, busy little self, but today that wasn't her. She wanted to play, but she was miserable. Her mouth hurts and she doesn't feel 100% because of stupid shots. Her whine today tore me apart... She does this thing where she whines cruises over to me, i pick her up and she lays her head down on my chest and sucks her thumb, then looks at me and cries...as if to say mommy help me, I don't feel well. It breaks my heart.

During her 5th poopy diaper change of the day, she just started wailing, as if in pain. She does have a diaper rash...looking back on the situation that is probably why she was crying, but at the moment I lost it. I started crying and telling her I didn't know what to do, tell me what to do...Gary kindly came in and took over...

Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Who ever says being a mommy is easy has never been a mommy. Its days like today that make me wish my momma and sisters lived close by.