Friday, September 21, 2012

Favorite Fridays

I am learning to find the Joys and not focus on the is hard sometimes to not focus on the negative aspects so here is week 2 of me focusing on the blessings of the week instead of the negatives

1. A husband who willingly helps out around the house
2. A little girl who sleeps through the night and is so would never have guessed that she had horrible Colic her first several months of life.
3. Having all our needs provided...even when you are trying to figure out how to make the last few penny's last til pay day
4. A clean house
5. A little girl who is loving learning new things and wanting to try all kinds of things, and foods.
6. Going on a much needed date with hubby with out baby in tow
7. Being able having my best friend as my husband, who I can speak about anything with

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What are you doing?

Lilly has her own personality and her own Likes and dislikes these days...

She prefers to sit up and play with her toys then laying down....

 She also thinks she should be involved in EVERYTHING Gary and I do. She wanted to read Daddy's book so we gave her one of her own!
 I was looking at Newspapers ads and Lilly wanted to sit on my lap with me...She pulled all the ads on the ground...I put her on the ground where she played for 30mins with the ads
I love this pic! all her Toys on one side of her, and the ads on the other side...and her face says which should I play with MOM?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Things

I have been encouraged to write a list of favorite things from the week past...I will try to come up with a list every Friday, but being a mamma of a 6 month old it might not happen. This week could be hard to get a list since this week was the first time Gary and I have been separated since before we got married, but I have had some wonderful moments this week which I am thankful for

A dear friend, Lorna coming and staying for a few days to keep me company and help with Lilly while Daddy was in Pretoria. 

A little Girl who loves to be thrown up in the air; the laugh she lets out just makes you laugh right with her.

A little baby who is finally learning to sleep through the night, she slept from 10-6 almost every night, one night she slept from 10-8...I loved it and am hopeful it will continue!!

Going to a craft store and buying some stuff to keep my hands busy during down time.

Getting three new books for less then 100 rand ($12)

Speaking to my Husband on the phone several times a day and hearing all the things he is learning

having in-laws that graciously take  care of us in all sorts of ways and help out when ever asked!

A little girl that lights up when ever she is naked! if I would let her she would be in her nappy (diaper) all day long...she even cries when i start to put new clothes on her.

A little girl who LOVES music.

A little social bug...went to the shops to return some winter clothing that was to big for her (since we are now going into spring) and as we were in line waiting for our turn Lilly starting laughing a smiling. I looked in the direction of her laugh and an "Aunty" (as they are called here) was coming in the line behind us. Lilly laughed and talked to her the whole time we waited, as well as all the other people in line with us.

And for a husband who is to be returning home in 2 hrs!!! I have missed so much this week

So with out my husband this week, which i was dreading, I am able to look back and say it was a good week. There were sad moments where I missed my husband so much and Lilly was driving me nuts, but in the end it was a good week and I am thankful for all the little moments that has made it special.