Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitchen Tea is no Laughing Matter

I remember last June; I was sitting outside with a friend, Lorna, reading when a former student showed up on campus thinking she was going to lunch with some friends. What she didn’t know was that she was being given a Kitchen Tea. They dressed her up in a HOT PINK Polka dot dress and put a BIG BLACK Curly Wig on her head. They put bright red lipstick on and made her go down to the harbor and by a fish head. This is what happens to Brides to be in South Africa (Not all as bad as this I came to find out, but also sometimes worse). As this was going on I leaned over to Lorna and said I am so glad that I am not going to marrying a South African. Hahahaha. Needless to say a month and half later Gary asked me out and I will be marrying a South African in April.
Saturday was my turn. I made it perfectly clear to my future sister in law  after Gary and I got engaged that I really didn’t like the idea of being completely embarrassed and doing things out of my comfort zone. Thankfully she was kind to me. I showed up at the church; the bean got spilled that I was having a kitchen tea, so I was not surprised, but I didn’t expect that many people to be there. Ibolya, my future sister in Law, was kinder to me then the girls were to the former student. I was given an apron to wear and a bandana to wear with Curlers in my hair and hot pink lipstick.  Every present had a rhyme and I had to guess who the present was from or what was in the bag. If I got it wrong there were consequences. A few of things I had to do was: get M&M like things out of flour, show how I would dust my house, sing my favorite song (which the only song that came to my head was Hakuna Matata) but the Most embarrassing thing I had to do was sing the star Spangle Banner. I was so embarrassed that I forgot the words. What American for gets the words to the National Anthem! I mean seriously!
All in all it was lots of fun and not to embarrassing! The Ladies gave me Pantry items, so Gary and I have groceries for the first three months at least. And they all gave me recipes; that will be so fun to have all these recipes. I look forward to being in MY Kitchen in May and cooking for my Husband!