Thursday, September 16, 2010

July/August Newsletter


Let my hands perform His bidding,
Let my feet run in His ways; 
Let my eyes see Jesus only, 
Let my lips speak forth His praise.
~All for Jesus
July and August has been a whirl wind for me. I can’t believe that August is already over and September is well on its way.  When School started back the first of July from the Holiday’s I jumped with both feet into all my ministries.
I continue to go to Athlone once a week to see my babies in ThembaCARE.  I knew when I started volunteering there I would see some of my babies leave. I know I am not supposed to have favorites but I do. The two babies that stole my heart on my first day have both been discharged. It means that they are reacting properly to their medicines and they are starting to act like normal healthy babies. It makes me sad to think that each Monday when I arrive I will not see either Elethu or Owetu and their BIG smiling grins that they give me, But I am thankful that they no longer have to be there and they can go to their homes and live a “normal” life with their loved ones.
Joshua Children’s Mission has been such a blessing to me. I have enjoyed getting to know Greg and Carol Karsten and their passion for Vrygund. Carol asked me over the holidays if I would be willing to take on more responsibilities. I was more than willing and ready to help where needed.  Tuesday and Thursday they do a literacy program connected to the school. Carol is doing the literacy program and I am teaching a 15 minute bible lesson and helping the Kids learn memory verses. Then on Friday I teach the same lesson to the kids who come to Kids Club.
My Girls Bible Study has had its ups and downs. I have come back a couple of times just wanting to cry because I just felt as though they didn’t care. I have a couple of girls who can be hard to handle. On one of those days a dear friend came up to me and I was telling him about my frustrations. He reminded me that most likely the only time they get attention at home or school is when they misbehave and so I need to find a way to incorporate loving tactics that encourage good behavior. That was hard to do. I still do not have a grasp on how to do this effectively but I have been praying that God would give me opportunities to learn more about these girls on a personal level, and he has. I have had a chance to speak one on one with two of my girls. I am thankful for that. And I have seen a change in these girls, and I can’t wait to see a BIG change in all of them.
I am still helping out with my churches Kids Club program. It has been such a joy to get to know these kids better. They adore me and I love them. I am smothered by kids as soon as I walk into church. From little 3 &4 year old boys who want me to play a game they have dubbed nighttime to 8-10 year old girls who give me big hugs that almost knock me down. They are all precious. In the middle of Church one Sunday one of the younger girls was sitting on my lap and was playing with my hands, then all the sudden she turned around and said “Aunty Ruth, You are really white!” I just grinned trying hard to hold back the laughter and I said “Yes I am, and you are NOT”.  These are the moments that I cherish and love.
There have been hard times and there have been times of laughter. I am thankful for them all. God is using both of these times to strength my walk with him and learning how to love in those moments where you just want to give up. He continues to teach me to rely on him for all my needs and not trust in my own strength. I cannot wait to see how God will grow me in the months ahead as well as how he will use me to advance his kingdom.
His Daughter,
Ruth Caines

Please Pray for:
1.         1. The girls in my bible study. Pray for opportunities to develop a personal relationship with them and that I will see those moments clearly and use them.
2.        My time management as I have to do more preparations for my daily ministries. That I will use my free time wisely.
3.        For all the children that I come into contact with. That God will soften their hearts towards his Grace and love and that I will see some fruit from the work he has put before me.