Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Traditionally Busy Life

Life for the Isaacs house hold has not slowed down. Even though I am a stay at home wife and soon to be mother I feel I am on the go all week long. It is good to not be idle. The first few months here when i was not as busy I started to feel like there was only so many times I could clean our tiny little home. But now I struggle to fine the time to clean it in a week times. Gary is busy with work, more now then ever now that the Church is looking for a Pastor. And in all of this we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl Lillian "Lilly" Christine.

Monday is Gary's day off and we try to make that our family day. We do our shopping plus we do what ever else we want for example go to the beach, or rent movies, or go for a drive. We hope to continue this tradition as our family grows.

Tuesdays is my day to be at home. It is nice to have one day at home a week to get organized and try hard to get the house clean or at least part of it. These days scrubbing one part of the house makes me so tired. It is usually laundry day unless it is raining then I have to get up early some other time in the week so I can get my clothes on the line to dry before 9. (the line gets sun only from about 10-2) Gary teaches a bible study on Tuesday mornings and then usually comes home to work. It is hard for me not to talk to him on these days because I have been by myself all day and I am eager to chat, but I have to let him get his work done.

On Wednesday's Gary and I go to Aristea Primary School and help with in the special learners class for 3 hours. We have really started to get to know our kids there and they have started to open up to us. I will be sad when the school year ends, because I will not be going next year since I will be in my third Trimester  and I am sure extremely uncomfortable. But Gary will continue and we are praying that some others from the church will step up and help out as well. In the Evenings we go to a Bible study right down the street from us. Gary is leading that one as well.

Thursday I go to the Ladies Bible Study which Gary is teaching. We just finished a study on the book of Job . It has been such a blessing.

Friday's I go back to Aristea and Gary goes to other local Primary school to counsel. He has really enjoyed this and has developed some good relationships  with some of the kids there. He has even invited them to come to youth and Sunday School and by Gods grace some have attended. That is one of our main reasons of wanting to get involved in the schools is to invite these kids to church. Friday evenings we are on the meal plan at Gary's Parents, another tradition we hope to keep as our family grows. I love how my sisters kids are close to my parents and since my parents are so far away I want my children to be close to Gary's.

Lilly will be the 4th girl in Three generations of Isaacs (Gary's Aunt and to Female Cousins. All his cousins and his brother only have boys) so every one is very excited about her coming into the world. When the Doctor told us that he was 99% sure is was a girl Gary did a little dance in the Sonar room. I had been having dreams for weeks about a little girl, but I kept refering to the baby as a he, we both were ecstatic about the news of a little girl. The only thing about a little girl is they turn into Teen age girls and that intimidates me. Soon after we found out it was a girl Gary said  with a big smile on his face "That means I get to go on 'daddy and me date' ". I told him a long time ago about how special "daddy and me dates" where to me. My daddy would take me for Chinese  and then we would go see a movie together. I can still name all the movies we saw together.  I look forward to Gary carrying on that tradition with our little girl.

Life is busy but we are enjoying it. God has blessed us undoubtedly and we are truly thankful for his provisions.