Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 weeks pregnant and what a time I have had! My sister said she thought it was funny that only I would tell me people that was pregnant as early as I spilled the beans, but knowing myself I just could not keep it in. I was so super exciting, I had been dreaming of being a mother since I can remember and now the Lord has blessed me with opening my womb and allowing Gary and I to conceive. 

I have not felt all that great. I battled morning sickness the first couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant. nothing seemed to help the nausea. Heather suggested that I stop wearing pants that cut into my stomach, even if they don't feel tight, so I had to say goodbye to my favorite pair of jeans. And a lady at church suggested Sour Candy. Those are the two things that have worked for me. It is amazing. I am still so freaking exhausted, but I am staying busy and going to bed EARLY every night.

The Dr. said all looks well with the baby and I am so happy that I got to hear that precious sound of the heart beat. It is crazy to think that there is living, growing creature (baby) inside of me! God is good!