Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweetest Aroma, NEW LIFE

I met a lady at church Sunday evening. She is a mother of five. We were talking about babies and deliveries. She told me that during one of her pregnancies she was reading Genesis 3. She could not understand how God could use birth pains as a discipline. She began meditating on the subject and then realized the similarities to Christ earthly ministry, death and resurrection and that of pregnancy and birth.

During Christ’s earthly ministry he endured hardships. He had friends die. He was tempted. He was betrayed. During the 40 weeks of Pregnancy a soon to be mother experiences lots of body aches and pains. She endures hardships. She is sick for several months, hoping that what she eats will stay down. Her body aches as it makes room for the child that grows within. She constantly in the end has this thing within her kicking her in the most uncomfortable of places.

Right before Christ arrest he asks the “Lord take this cup from me, but YOUR will be done”. As a woman comes close to her time of delivery and she starts to think about what is going to happen, fear strikes her and she wonders “what was I thinking, seriously. This baby has to come out, but Lord cant you bring this baby out some other way”.

 In Christ’s death he experienced excruciating pain. He was beaten and tortured and nailed to a tree. But through that death brought the sweetest aroma, LIFE. What could be more glorious then seeing new life come from your pain? God told Eve “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children.” Child birth is painful. It is excruciating, but it is only for a moment, and after that moment of pain the Dr places that sweet new life into your arms and it’s completely worth all the tears sweat and blood.

I just loved this analogy when Pipa told me. It was so just so beautiful. We might not truly be able to comprehend all that Christ did on our behalf. But as women we can know that Christ understands the JOYS and Pains we go through to bring forth New Life into this world.