Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rugby and Braai: A South African Past Time

I went to one of the students houses to watch the Super 14 Rugby Championship. Two South African teams were playing: The Bulls and the Stormers. The Bulls are from the Pretoria area and the Stormers are From Cape Town. From what I have gathered, it is a BIG Rivalry. It is like when we would Play Boyd or Notre Dame in High School. Sadly the Stormers lost. It was a good game, the Bulls are just BEASTS. They are HUGE. And the Poor stormers had a few BIG players but not like the Bulls. These Guys were BIG!
I had only watched one other Rugby Match before this one! I was told the basics. I think each time I watch I learn more of the Rules.  But if you have never watched a Rugby game before and didn’t know the Rules you would see:
Kick the ball…catch the ball…Hit the guy with the ball…throw the ball backwards…run with the ball and Pray you don’t get hit….get hit and you are now on the bottom a huge pile while trying to hand the ball to someone else.
It is really crazy to watch. I think I like football better, but we will see next season when Rugby starts back up.
After the Game we had a Braai. A Braai is a BBQ here in South Africa. Except they take it REALLY seriously. Its not an American BBQ with Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and Corn on the Cob. Oh No. You have Boerewors which is a spicy sausage of sorts. You will also have Lamb, steak and Chicken. You NEVER use gas. You  can use Coal or Wood. A true South African will use wood, but most people just use coal because it is easier. We used Coal. I am learning that I think the taste of Meat is better cooked on Coal then on a Gas grill! SO much nicer, or Lekker as a South African would say.
It was a fun evening even though The Stormers lost. I am truly blessed by the Friendships I am making here!