Friday, October 22, 2010

Rainbow Nation

  South Africa’s nickname is the “Rainbow Nation” for its ethnic diversity.  It is amazing how many different ethnic groups are in this country. I always thought America was ethnically diverse, but South Africa is so much more. I think mostly because there are more Natural Ethnic Groups in South Africa then the USA.
I have enjoyed this “Rainbow Nation” for another reason then just its ethnic diversity, But for its Natural beauty.  I was told when I landed in South Africa that I will see some amazing Rainbows. The past couple of weeks I have seen some spectacle Rainbows. They Stretch from one Mountain to another; from the ocean to a Mountain. It is amazing.
  I went for a run one afternoon in between rain storms (unfortunately it was not so much in the middle because I got caught in the rain half way through my run) and as I running two whales were having a grand old time in the bay that I had to stop and watch them, my lungs were grateful for the stop as well. J As I watched them I noticed this beautiful Rainbow stretching from Muizenberg beach to Fish Hoek beach. It was beautiful.  The greatest way for me to really experience God has always been through Nature.  I have always felt God around me while enjoying his creation. Once again it was like God was giving me a BIG hug as I enjoyed watching these two silly whales with his Covenantal Promise stretching overhead. He is a good Father that loves his children unconditionally.
  I live in “Rainbow Nation” and I really enjoy it, but I am glad to say that I am a child of a Father who never breaks his promises, a Creator whose creation is so wonderfully diverse in all aspects (ethically and topographically). His Art is more beautiful than any art hanging in Louvre or the High or the Vatican or any other Art Museum.  He is the Best most perfect Artist there is. Take time today to look at the creation around you and see Gods handiwork. 

Saw this rainbow on my way to my car to go to one of my ministries. It is hard to capture the true beauty of the rainbows here, but like I said my art is not as amazing as the real thing!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bend but does Not Break

These trees are all over the Cape Town. They Crack me up! Why are they like this! Cape Town is know for Strong North-westerly Winds, so as young trees  they bend to the wind while trying hard to grow Tall and strong. And as long as their roots are strongly Planted they never fall over when a big wind comes thru. They just are a little cattywompus. 
These trees make me think about the different times in our Christian walk we are blown over by circumstances, but as long as our roots are grounded in the word and our eyes are pointed heavenward we will grow tall! Yes, we might have kink here and there, but those kinks are the Things that God has used to shape us!