Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My adventure begins

I am eager to find what the Lord has planned for me. Sakki the pastor who I will be working with in Joburg has a lot of ideas for me.

I have always felt like Moses when I have ministered to people. I am not a very articulate person so to share my faith and my testimony with people will be a challenge. But I know God gave Moses the words to say when he entered Pharaohs courts and he will give me the words to say when I enter in to the Lives of those I meet. I am eager to see what the Lord will do in Joburg through me.

I know I will mess up. and I will fail in places but I just pray that the Lord will use those stumbling blocks as a way to show those in my life that I am human and that I am a sinner, but because God loves me unconditionally he has forgiven me. What a testimony that could be. I am not wishing to fail but I know there will be those moments where I will.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

South Africa here I come

I am going to South Africa in February. How crazy is that. I will be working in Johannesburg with a church. I am super excited but terribly nervous. Its been a long process for me to be actually venturing out on my own to an unknown culture and to go from seeing my family at least once a week not for a whole year. Its going to be hard. But I am excited about the Path the Lord is leading me on.

South Africa is not like any other African country. The Dutch settlers, who are now know as Afrikaans, have ruled the country for decades. They were ignorant of what the Black tribesman actually were. They segregated themselves from black community as well as the Indian and the Colored ( colored is people of mixed race). The Afrikaans put strict rules on these communities. Many people suffered. It was ten times worst the the civil rights era. It was more like slavery with exception that no body owned people and the segrated comunities made a meager living. Almost 15 years ago the Blacks rose up and fought for their freedom. they have been a free country ever since but as a result of the history there is still LOTS of crime on streets. Its worst then New York City. If you want to read more about this read Mark Mathebane's "Kaffir Boy". It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It is a hard read but well worth it.

So I am going to one of the most dangerous, history filled countries in the world. I am super excited to see what the Lord does in my life and those I meet.