Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love's the little children of the world!

I just watched a video about the Poor whites in South Africa. It is not surprising to me that there are poor white people in South Africa. But for some reason this video on YouTube has made a lot of people mad. It doesn't say this in so many words but this is the jive I got out of it: That the Blacks are getting richer and the whites are getting poorer and it is the ALL black governments fault!

It is just interesting to me that people feel this way. It is 15 years since apartheid ended. Wouldn't you think that the White and Black communities could get along by now. You have a country of about 6 million people 10% are white 80% Black. The other 10% is of other ethnic backgrounds. And now the whites are screaming that they are being discriminated against. You cant tell me that during apartheid there weren't poor South Africans. This video was very biased and made the South African government seem like the devil. It has only been 15 years since the blacks had freedom. Look how long it took African Americans to have equal rights in this country! A long time after slavery ended. The new South Africa has only its third president. Kinks have to be worked out, and it is never going to be perfect because sadly we live in a fallen world. A world that sees colors and makes judgements on those colors based on how he or she was conditioned to see it.

What amazes me the most is that when Christ is the center their is no color, no ethnic group, no race, we are one large family! Christ is our common ground. How awesome is that. That our savior, The man, the God, who chose us to be his people didn't care if we were blond with blue eyes or brown with brown eyes or black with black eyes. He loves us all because he loves us because he loves us.

So, OK there are poor white people in South Africa. But why do we have to describe them as white. There are poor people ( of all races) in South Africa. Shouldn't we as Christians minister to them all? Shouldn't we show them that no matter what color they are we love them because Christ first loved us. Christ commands us to take care of the poor. And I hope and pray that as I enter into the South African culture that I can be some part in this journey of taking the colored glassed off people eyes and let them see people for who God made them to be, not by what color God put on their skin.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Find real Joy!

I am often blown away by my selfishness. I am such an American. I want what I don’t have and I cant imagine life with out it. I am eager to find some thing to satisfy my desires. But nothing seems to quench my thirst.
On a daily basis I see people spending money on things that they believe will give them happiness. Things that will bring them joy. But question is does it? Does it bring joy? DO material things bring joy? Does a new hat by Ed Hardy bring joy? Does a Christmas ornament bring Joy? Do new Kick’s bring joy? No, because the Hat gets sweat stains on it and you don’t want to wear it anymore. The Ornament gets broken. The Kicks get dirty. Nothing that we “own” brings us joy. Just disappointment.
The only thing that can bring us joy is God! John 4:13-14 says “Jesus answered, ‘Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.’”
God is the joy giver. Can you imagine being like a spring bursting forth because of the Joy you have in your heart! I pray to the holy Father that he gives me this Joy daily! Show me in your word your Joy and quench my thirst for Real Joy! And give me a sour taste for the Material things!



The land of the free.
The land of prosperity
The land where dreams come true!
The land of the Rich
The land of the spoiled
The land where you are never satisfied.

Visit a land that is not free
Visit a land that is poor
Visit a land where nightmares come true
The Land of the poor
The land of the gracious
The land that cant be taken any more!
Be grateful for your Freedom
Be grateful for what you have
Dream Big and help those who cant dream, dream.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do Not Fear! Trust me!

It is amazing to me how God will lead you where he wants you to go when you are willing to trust and follow him. A year and half ago I was frozen with the idea of leaving this land in which I love. I love Kenya, I knew I did, but I was sure I couldn't pack up my things and move to Africa. Then I went back to Kenya, with Jerry Bridges book “ Trusting God” in hand. Who knew that trust would be the theme for the whole trip. Mr. Bridges writes “ God does as HE pleases, only as HE pleases, and works out every event to bring about the accomplishment of HIS will. Such a bare unqualified statement of the sovereignty of God would terrify us if that were all we knew about God, But God is not only sovereign, HE is perfect in love and infinite in wisdom”.
I knew God had a plan for me I just didn’t trust him. I didn’t trust that I would be rejoicing in the aspect of the will when it was not what I had conjured up for my life and future. I had a plan, But that plan was destroyed and crumpled to ground during my Sophomore year of College. And I had been walking around scared of failing all over again. But while in Kenya God taught me to not be afraid. The Verse that came up in that trip of 2008 was Isaiah 43. “DO NOT FEAR, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine.” Then I met a man named Simon. He was a pastor in Nairobi. He pulled me aside one morning and said “ I saw a picture of you last night. In your eyes I saw fear and a troubled past. God wants me to tell you Not to be afraid, but to trust in Him” Two more times that day some one told be not to be afraid, God is in control.
Trust God. Do not Fear. Got it!? You can say it but it is hard to put into practice. I returned home with a deeper passion. A passion to follow Gods will. Here is a prayer I wrote soon after arriving home.
Dear Heavenly Father
Thank you so much for choosing me before the foundations of the earth were even formed.
Thank you for paying the adoption fee and welcoming into your holy family. A family whom I am not worthy to be apart of.
Lord, give me wisdom for my future. Reveal your self and your perfect will to me. For I know you work out all things according to your scriptures.
Lord, help me to walk in a manner that is worthy of your calling. Help to be an imitator of you and glorify your name in all that I do.
In your Holy Sons Name
Soon after writing this prayer my Dad asked me “ If you feel called to go to Africa what are you doing about it?” I told him “ I am waiting on the Lord to open the door for me” Daddy said “ Honey, sometimes you have to knock.”
I knocked and the Door was open. Not the door I hoped though. I was told that Kenya didn’t have a place for me, but Ethiopia might. I approached it. I was hesitant, it was a medical mission. I was not medical, AT ALL. But I said God I trust you if this is where you want me, then I will go.
The next month I went to a MTW Vision retreat. It is a retreat were people come and explore the idea of what the mission field is and Is it where God wants them. My first night there I met a man who would change my future for ever. I stumbled across Bill Carr in the Lobby of our hotel. He asked me where I was thinking about going. I told him East Africa. I said I wanted to work in the Street Children ministry. He asked me to consider South Africa. I heartedly said that I would, not really expecting much, since I was being called to Ethiopia, right?

I had a sleepless night after that. I stayed awake with the idea that Maybe God was telling me something. I prayed all night long, asking God that if he wanted me in South Africa to reveal that to me. The next morning, Bill and Susan Carr gave a presentation about Joburg and what they do there. My heart was captured. After the presentation I immediately went up to them and asked if we could talk more about what someone like me could do there. We spent two hours talking. It was wonderful. I knew at that point that God wanting me in South Africa.
For months I thought I was going to Joburg, until once again God intervened and said trust me and do not be afraid. Bill called me early one Saturday morning and asked me what I thought about changing cities. Bill and Susan had been asked to go to Cape Town. They felt that their gifts could be used better there. I told them as long as I had some children to serve I would be fine to go there. God has opened a lot of opportunities for me to minister and serve the needs of the little ones. I am eager to go. No longer afraid. Because I know I serve an Almighty GOD. One who will never leave or abandon HIS saints. His will is more perfect then I could have ever willed for myself. It might not be like my childhood dream for my future. But I will have TONS of children to love on and they will become mine.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My adventure begins

I am eager to find what the Lord has planned for me. Sakki the pastor who I will be working with in Joburg has a lot of ideas for me.

I have always felt like Moses when I have ministered to people. I am not a very articulate person so to share my faith and my testimony with people will be a challenge. But I know God gave Moses the words to say when he entered Pharaohs courts and he will give me the words to say when I enter in to the Lives of those I meet. I am eager to see what the Lord will do in Joburg through me.

I know I will mess up. and I will fail in places but I just pray that the Lord will use those stumbling blocks as a way to show those in my life that I am human and that I am a sinner, but because God loves me unconditionally he has forgiven me. What a testimony that could be. I am not wishing to fail but I know there will be those moments where I will.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

South Africa here I come

I am going to South Africa in February. How crazy is that. I will be working in Johannesburg with a church. I am super excited but terribly nervous. Its been a long process for me to be actually venturing out on my own to an unknown culture and to go from seeing my family at least once a week not for a whole year. Its going to be hard. But I am excited about the Path the Lord is leading me on.

South Africa is not like any other African country. The Dutch settlers, who are now know as Afrikaans, have ruled the country for decades. They were ignorant of what the Black tribesman actually were. They segregated themselves from black community as well as the Indian and the Colored ( colored is people of mixed race). The Afrikaans put strict rules on these communities. Many people suffered. It was ten times worst the the civil rights era. It was more like slavery with exception that no body owned people and the segrated comunities made a meager living. Almost 15 years ago the Blacks rose up and fought for their freedom. they have been a free country ever since but as a result of the history there is still LOTS of crime on streets. Its worst then New York City. If you want to read more about this read Mark Mathebane's "Kaffir Boy". It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It is a hard read but well worth it.

So I am going to one of the most dangerous, history filled countries in the world. I am super excited to see what the Lord does in my life and those I meet.