Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love's the little children of the world!

I just watched a video about the Poor whites in South Africa. It is not surprising to me that there are poor white people in South Africa. But for some reason this video on YouTube has made a lot of people mad. It doesn't say this in so many words but this is the jive I got out of it: That the Blacks are getting richer and the whites are getting poorer and it is the ALL black governments fault!

It is just interesting to me that people feel this way. It is 15 years since apartheid ended. Wouldn't you think that the White and Black communities could get along by now. You have a country of about 6 million people 10% are white 80% Black. The other 10% is of other ethnic backgrounds. And now the whites are screaming that they are being discriminated against. You cant tell me that during apartheid there weren't poor South Africans. This video was very biased and made the South African government seem like the devil. It has only been 15 years since the blacks had freedom. Look how long it took African Americans to have equal rights in this country! A long time after slavery ended. The new South Africa has only its third president. Kinks have to be worked out, and it is never going to be perfect because sadly we live in a fallen world. A world that sees colors and makes judgements on those colors based on how he or she was conditioned to see it.

What amazes me the most is that when Christ is the center their is no color, no ethnic group, no race, we are one large family! Christ is our common ground. How awesome is that. That our savior, The man, the God, who chose us to be his people didn't care if we were blond with blue eyes or brown with brown eyes or black with black eyes. He loves us all because he loves us because he loves us.

So, OK there are poor white people in South Africa. But why do we have to describe them as white. There are poor people ( of all races) in South Africa. Shouldn't we as Christians minister to them all? Shouldn't we show them that no matter what color they are we love them because Christ first loved us. Christ commands us to take care of the poor. And I hope and pray that as I enter into the South African culture that I can be some part in this journey of taking the colored glassed off people eyes and let them see people for who God made them to be, not by what color God put on their skin.