Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Can you guess which bottle Mommy picked out and which one daddy picked out? (to be fair they only had 2 choices when Daddy went to get a new one and we already had the one so he got the other one)
So today was a big day for the Isaacs or should I say Mommy and Lilly.
Lilly has been using a bottle since she was 6 months old. She loves her bottle and I was nervous whether or not she would give it up or not. Several months ago after fighting Lilly to use a sippy cup we bought a straw cup for her tea and juice. She loved it and it has worked very well. Today daddy came home with a new one and she didn't have her milk in a bottle except for the one in the morning! SO NO MORE BOTTLES...

Also after fighting naps all day yesterday, Gary and I decided maybe she was trying to drop her morning nap :( (makes me kind of sad because that was when I would get stuff done, now I have to reschedule my day). Today she only took one nap it wasn't very long either. but She made it til 8 tonight but fell asleep while I was praying with her.

What a day! One nap and No Bottles! My little MUNCHKIN is growing up.

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